Our method to success is to astonish the customer with our creativity, superior level of workmanship, reliability, quick time to completion, competitive pricing, and professionalism. We are successful because we do this consistently.

We are often looking for experienced individuals that are reliable, hard working, friendly, flexible, and self motivated. You will be required to consistently provide high quality results, solve issues independently, and offer attention to details. Our customers are expecting the best, and that is what we intend to give them.

Typically, we work as two-person teams and approach each job in three phases: Phase 1 includes installing vapor barrier, layout, framing, rough in of wiring, plumbing, hvac, insulating, inspection, and customer walk-through. Phase 2 includes hanging, finishing, and sanding the drywall. On large jobs, we often sub-contract this to one particular company that has proven themselves to us in the past. Phase 3 includes priming, inspecting and repairing any drywall flaws, painting, installing doors, cabinets, and trim, final wiring, plumbing, hvac, inspection, customer walk-through, generation and completion of a punch-out list.

You will be required to have and maintain the following:

  • A working alarm clock.
  • Reliable professional-looking non-leaking insured transportation for you, your tools, and typical building materials (2×4’s, 4×8’s, insulation, etc.).
  • A working cell phone.
  • Typical tools required for framing, plumbing, wiring, drywall work, painting, finish carpentry, etc. Your tools need to be maintained and with you so that you are ready to perform any work anywhere at any time.
  • A positive and upbeat attitude.

You will keep yourself and the jobsite neat, clean, and organized. You will need to perform within a set schedule. We have zero-tolerance for irresponsibility. Excuses do not cut it. Particular issues we watch for include timeliness, organization, productivity, excessive personal phone calls, attitude, and attention to details.

Our goal is to be the best – no compromises, no excuses, simply and consistently the best choice the customer can make every time. We offer a flexible and highly creative opportunity for the right individual. If you have the experience, the tools, and the attitude to be part of this team then fill out the form in the contact us section of our site. Please, no phone calls. It keeps us from concentrating on the job at hand. When you submit the form we are notified and will contact you at a more appropriate time.

Thank you for your interest.