Welcome to A Basement 2 NV.

Hello. Thank you for visiting our website, the one place where we can be completely self-centered and get away with it! My name is Mark and I own the company.


Remodeling your basement is the least expensive way to provide more living space in your home. It is the one space that allows you to get creative and design an environment that truly meets your needs; organized storage, home theater, office, extra bedroom, bathroom, a place for the kids to hang out, pool table / bar / entertainment area, whatever. Your basement should be finished to the same quality as the rest of your house, and with creativity. Then, if and when you sell your home, your investment will be returned, with interest.

– “It was so comforting to have the home where all the kids wanted to ‘hang out’. I always knew where my kids were and what their friends were like – because they all wanted to gather at my place.”


We are based out of Pickerington, Ohio, and have a full 2,400 square foot cabinet shop. We can design and custom build most anything you could want. We have been in business for about 15 years doing both commercial and residential cabinetmaking and construction. “A Basement 2 NV” is an offspring of our parent company “Custom Woodworking”. We have found a niche that we truly enjoy and primarily focus our attention on basement remodeling.

Our goal is to make your basement your favorite space in your home.


Our goal is to perform all of the steps of the project ourselves. I meet with you as a salesperson and layout your floor plan, then I, along with my employees perform the work in your home.

We do not subcontract the work in your home unless it is discussed during the initial sales call. Why build confidence in us only to have a lock box placed on your front door allowing subcontractors you’ve never met access to your home?


We treat your basement as a project, not a production run. Basements are typically difficult to finish because of support poles, beams, plumbing, ductwork, crawl space access, etc. It is difficult for most people to stand in a stark basement and visualize a finished product, let alone, sign and commit to a drawing at the onset of the project.

We present to you with the basic layout, then take the time to discuss options as they present themselves. The result: a living space that defines your personality, is a pleasure to relax in, and is the envy of your friends.

Price versus Quality

Our customers are quality-minded homeowners that appreciate first-class workmanship. We don’t take shortcuts. There will be no need to call us for nail pops or any other warranty issue because we do it right the first time. All drywall is glued and screwed. All studs are on 16” centers. Walls and ceilings are straight, plumb, level, and true.

Our price is taken from the current Contractor’s Guide for Residential Construction. This book provides up-to-date pricing information for all aspects of residential construction. Our goal is to provide first-class workmanship for standard pricing.

“From basic to extraordinary, a better value can’t be found!”